Our product offering includes our patent pending AECR Technology, as well as a unique approach to conventional water treatment technologies.  We provide customized products with a robust design that are built to last in the harsh industrial environment.  Our approach is different than the standard plug and play containerized equipment design.  We custom design our equipment to fit the customer’s needs and provide a system that looks like it belongs in your plant or industrial site.  Our custom designs allow us to be effective both in capital cost and life cycle cost.


Our Agitated Electro Chemical Reactor System provides a novel approach to conventional Electro Coagulation.  The patent pending design allows for higher flow rates in smaller footprints and a significant decrease in operations and maintenance costs.  Our systems are currently operating in the EAGLE FORD Shale on HydroFrac Flowback and produced waters as well as refinery and chemical plant wastewaters for boiler feed reuse. The AECR sweet spot is hard to treat waters containing Free Oil and Grease and high concentrations of solids.  These are streams where conventional treatment technologies typically aren’t applicable.

Agitated Electro Chemical Reactor or AECR
Media Filtration
Membrane Filtration
Industrial Softeners
Reverse Osmosis
Chemical Skids